How to Adopt Another Ethnicity’s Haircut


Dear Valued Barber Shop Patron,

Often times we see individuals with hair styles that we admire, but that may simply not be functional or conducive for our texture of hair, or bone composition. It could be a matter of your hair not being straight enough to manipulate into that particular style, or perhaps your hair isn’t coarse enough to hold the shape that you desire. Well allow me to inform you, that in some cases, texture may not be an obstacle in your acquisition of adopting a hairstyle that others of your ethnicity find implausible to indulge.

The omnipresent comb over bald fade has become an infectious look for straight haired clients within this ever-trendy pop influenced culture. Many African American clients are attracted to the swag of the cut but find it impossible to fathom adopting because our hair doesn’t part by combing and won’t change direction by wetting and manipulating to another side. However, what you should remember is that a master barber has the ability to sculpt your hair in a manner that is indicative of this look with a few angle adjustments and a-symettry specifics.

As seen in the cuts above, I sought to replicate the combover in the African American client by first making his bald fade very clean and high. If you notice, it is high, but not tight, as this would make it look more like a military cut given the length that was necessary to be left on top.
IMG_1170IMG_1173 You should tell your barber that you want a high fade with a longer blend, as opposed to a tighter blend. Tell him or her you want it clean with no weight line. A weight line is when you see fades that have a line, or thickness of demarcation that separates the bald or light part from the darker areas. In a clean fade you should see no demarcation whatsoever, it should blend from dark to light unobstructed. Tell your barber that you want the top be a modest ramp that slightly gumbi’s to the right.IMG_1169 This will give the impression that the hair is swooping in that direction when in reality it is just an angular manipulation of your grain of hair. You should ask for a part in the corner, which is not recommended if you are thinning in the corners as this would expedite the thinning process. The part should be at a 30 degree angle so that the faded quadrant to the left of the part and the geometric top are extremely deviated.IMG_1171 Remember that many haircuts not inclined for your grade of hair can be had if you frequent a master barber who has a good grasp of symmetry and asymmetry, angles, fade deviation and line contortion. If done correctly, the haircut will be more ergonomically suitable because nappy hair is the best hair since it holds the style on its own without the infusion of moose, or gel. Challenge me, if you are African American, think of another ethnicities cut that you would like to adopt and I’ll tell you how to achieve it, or I will cut it for you!

Yours Truly,
Master Barber at The Loft La Brea Elite Men’s Grooming
351 S La Brea Los Angeles CA 90036

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  1. Mike Jones says:

    This is an excellent post!

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